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Golden SPA Rasputin

Bath or sauna in the "Golden SPA Rasputin" is an exclusive apartments

Booking can be made individually for you or for your company. The number of friends or partners you can invite depends on the capacity of the apartment. The duration of the lease time is not limited.

The bath complex offers to organize Your recreation.

You will be able to find out a detailed list of our proposals and a full range of services from SPA Manager.

Golden SPA Rasputin

Бани и сауны Golden SPA Распутин

From the Russian Banya and the Hammam to the Ofuro and Swedana

Pools, ice room, restaurant, bar and Karaoke

ViP suites for companies from 3 to 15 people

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Зубовский бульвар, 25к1, Москва.
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